Lambswool Scarf Blue Grey Stripes


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Our lambswool scarves are light and warm. Lambswool, as the name says, is the wool of the lambs. In other words, the wool of sheeps first shearings and for that reason it is soft wool. Like baby hair is softer than adult hair.

This model pattern is made of stripes. At first, we don’t think of stripes as a natural pattern but if we put it on second thought, it is present everywhere. Starting in the black and white zebras, ending in the colourful rainbow. Wearing stripes will challenge you and guide your eyes through the rest of the outfit. We have created this scarf in blue with greyish stripes to have a touch of modern and classic. The blue is one of the primary colours, which according to a YouGov survey, it is the most popular colour in the world. The greyish stripes will give a more classic look.

Material: 80% lambswool / 20% polyamide

Size: 200x30 cm

Weight: 140 g


We keep our manufacturing as traditional as possible. For that reason, sizes and weights might vary. Colours between batches may vary due to the processes of tinting the textiles. Although we try to recreate the product pictures as real as possible due to different reasons, the product colour might vary from the picture colour.

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