Cotton Throw Grey Herringbone


Our 100% cotton throws are very soft and comfortable. They are the softness of our range. We love the feel in the skin. We believe our customers love it as well since they are our best-selling products. A perfect throw for a rainy winter day reading or watching a movie, as well, a perfect throw for an outside fresh summer night or to watch the beauties of the sunrise in the mountains. Even if you are wearing shorts or short leaf tops, the incredible softness of the touch will feel so good on your skin.

This model has the traditional herringbone which is always elegant and easy to combine with the rest of the decor. At your home, office, garden, no matter the decor style the herringbone will fit. We combined this pattern with grey, another classic that goes well with everything. It is the middle between black and white and for that reason a very simple and easy to watch colour.

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 170x130 cm

Weight: 790 g


We keep our manufacturing as traditional as possible. For that reason, sizes and weights might vary. Colours between batches may vary due to the processes of tinting the textiles. Although we try to recreate the product pictures as real as possible due to different reasons, the product colour might vary from the picture colour.

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