We don't know when babies give the first step.

But we know that Pardo Originals baby blankets are manufactured with great quality cotton, with hypoallergenic characteristics, ensuring the confort of your baby.

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We don't know the best way to raise a baby.

But we know that the cotton of Pardo Originals blankets is very soft and this will leave your baby comfortable and calm.

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We don't know everything about babies.

But we know there is a lot of reasons why babies love Pardo Originals baby blankets. You can also embroider your baby’s name in Pardo Originals baby blankets.

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Baby Blankets



Pardo Originals baby blankets are made with quality cotton (100%) assuring a great softness. Besides cotton is a natural breathable fibre and it is hypoallergenic keeping your baby far from allergies.


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